17 JanAbout me and why I am taking this class.

Hi! I’m Kelsey, and my middle name happens to be Brown, the most unappealing color in the world. Other than the boring color middle name thing, I consider myself to be pretty outgoing and friendly. I like any and all kinds of food. I’m a happy person in general, although that’s not to say I don’t have bad days. When there is a bad day, I find nothing quite cures it like a bag of chocolates and the movie love actually. I always have some kind of candy on hand, so if you find you NEED gummy bears or m&ms during class, I also always share!

I’m taking digital history to expand my knowledge of creating websites and also just to help me in general become more comfortable with all the different techniques of using the web to educate others. After meeting with Jim Groom and going over the video of James Farmer with him, it’s incredible to think that almost no one at Mary Washington has seen the footage. I guess I was kind of drawn to the class too in part because I like feeling like I’m a trailblazer in my own sort of way. It’s like I’m part of this much larger movement and it’s totally awesome when you see how much is out there and think, “wow! I have something new and different to add to that”. Anyway, I’m really excited for this class and can’t wait to see the final finished products of some brand new websites.

5 Responses to “About me and why I am taking this class.”

  1. seye says:

    1. Kelsey, I love you. You’re so enthusiastic all of the time. 2. We all know I am your favorite person. 3. I wish we could have been in a group together, because we are awesome and I can’t take Native American history because I like coming to school only two days a week. 4. Our website will be better, because I am awesome. Plus, we don’t have the difficult task of working with videos. 😉 5. See you tomorrow. 🙂

    – Guess who its from

  2. kpartenh says:

    I totally agree! I find that there are very few things things that chocolate can’t fix! All the people that I work with have come to expect me to bring the candy pumpkin to our meetings because it always makes it 10 times better!!! 🙂 I also think that it is awesome how excited you are about your project. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. ctrumbetic says:

    Hello there. I can totally understand the middle name thing. My mother graced me with Jo for a middle. Needless to say I was ridiculed in elementary school. You are a lot braver than me when it comes to sources on the web. I’m almost petrified to have to use all the sources we have been talking about in class. I always have baby carrots with me so if you want I’ll trade you.

  4. heather303 says:

    Hi Kelsey! I really think your enthusiasm about this class is shared (at least by me!). I really do agree that I think we are trailblazing a bit here. My project, the James Monroe Museum’s Political Cartoon digitization, has my group working with pieces not otherwise exhibited to the public. I think what we are doing in this class is great and versatile, also showing that history is more than papers and reading. 🙂

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