27 JanProgress Report 1

Well, the end of the second week is here! whew, that went fast. After meeting with Jim Groom and Professor O’Donnell, I think my group has an idea of where we’d like to go from here. As the James Farmer videos are about 30 minutes long each, it is really important to keep them in their entirety if at all possible. Our number one problem is hosting the videos. Professor O’Donnell prefers to host them to iTunes U, although we’d like to be able to embed them to our site. While vimeo and youtube would be great; each site has their own rules to either custom/user created content or copyrighting issues. However, we were able to learn that the TV station that no longer exists (the one that filmed the lectures) signed over the copyright to the school. In listening to the audio files, it becomes quite evident why Farmer was one of the big four in the Civil Rights Movement. To hear him fondly look upon CORE and other things, with his marvelously deep, clear voice is amazing. It’s also amazing that he seems to be reciting all of this from memory and weaves the story directly in front of the viewer. Because of this, we believe we want to move toward an archive setting, which would allow James Farmer to stand on his own, with our interpretations. Also, we would really like to be able to keep the audio and video in it’s entirety because these videos are so powerful. Once we figure out hosting, I feel like everything will fall into place.

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