25 FebUpdate # 5

Yes, it’s that time again! Well, we had our first big presentation to the class, which went ok. I get nervous and all giddy before presenting, so I apologize for all the laughter/bad jokes I probably told. Also, it was a bummer that we weren’t able to show video, but Caitlin came to the rescue earlier that morning and figured out our problems we were having. BIG NEWS: BREAKING NEWS: THIS JUST IN–I AM CURRENTLY HALF WAY THROUGH TRANSCRIPTION! YAY! It’s a big deal to me because I want to finish before Spring Break is here, so I have been spending a lot of time with the audio (so much so that I can almost finish Farmer’s sentences). I just am really glad that Farmer is so easy to listen to, takes long pauses, tells the most entertaining stuff, and isn’t afraid to laugh. It makes it much easier than listening to someone drone on and on about a subject you care nothing about.

Other than the happy transcription news, we have been having trouble after trouble with the video. First, four lectures are not digitized. Second, we have found funds to digitize, but the timeline may not be immediate future. Third, the videos we do have…well the quality is horrendous and the audio in some isn’t linked. Fourth, hosting! so many problems with that. But I think we’re cautiously optimistic that the videos will be digitized in time for us to do what we need to with them and put them online. Also, I really enjoyed seeing/hearing about everyone’s group progress! Everyone seems to be doing really well, which is awesome!

5 Responses to “Update # 5”

  1. heather303 says:

    I thought your presentation went great! I’m also impressed that you have gotten so far with the transcription. I know that work is tedious and takes forever to do. I hope you reach your goal! I also hope your video bad luck resolves itself soon! Keep it up!

  2. seye says:

    Kelsey your jokes are amazing. . . and thanks for my birthday cupcakes. . . totally took my mind off fish eggs. Anyway – seems like ya’ll have some great progress. . . with us it is just research research research

  3. kmatthews says:

    Kay-I’m glad you liked it! Farmer is a pretty entertaining man. I believe we will have a short biography of Farmer pertaining to his time at UMW and why he was involved with the TV station. I’m not sure if we’ll put much more, since the videos/audio speak for themselves (and in his own words). I think we’ve figured at least some part of the video hurdle out so it is starting to come together. Your group’s presentation was also entertaining and your project sounds like you all really know what you are doing.

  4. kay21w says:

    I really enjoyed the clip you guys showed us in class! I did not know much about James Farmer and I am looking forward to learning more about him when you finish your site. Is your group going to add a brief biography of James Farmer to the site? I wish I knew more about videos and how to make old films work so I could help! I am glad to hear that your project is coming together though!

  5. Laura says:

    Kelsey! I plan on changing the blog as much as I can tonight without the video and audio. We can look over it in class tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll have a better sense of what we will do about the hosting this week before spring break starts.

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