04 MarUpdate #6…or 7?

At some point I think I counted my updates wrong. I am also glad/VERY happy to say that I will not have to lip read to transcribe lecture 10!! yay! I’ll have to wait to transcribe it on Thursday, since vimeo has uploading size restrictions and I am currently at home..but Michelle and Caitlin have plans to get major video work done over break! yay for them! also, Laura is finding super cool plug-ins, and I’m especially a fan of the transcription one. I have one more transcript to go (13) that I will finish tomorrow, and then the transcription of lecture 10 on Thursday and then CELEBRATIONS! because all the transcripts will at least be drafted and also completed before the deadline I set for myself. Again, despite my giddiness and super silly jokes, I think our short presentation went well. Am I the only one who thinks we should alternate which groups bring refreshments for presentation days? (just to spice things up a little and get the¬†caffeine flowing)

I hope everyone has a restful and productive Spring Break!

2 Responses to “Update #6…or 7?”

  1. rmont says:

    So you’re bringing coffee for everyone next Tuesday? Can’t wait.

  2. ricard says:

    I’m glad you don’t have to lip read the last lecture! That would have been a longer process than just listening as lip reading is much more difficult! Glad your project is going well!

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