12 MarTime to Celebrate…temporarily

Well, my transcripts were due today and I finished them last night! woohoo! I’m so excited. Although the celebration won’t last long because I’m pretty sure they will have some errors that need editing. I was surprised by the quality on vimeo of lecture ten; it didn’t seem as bad as some of the others. Michelle really helped me out because she uploaded it during Spring Break so I could do it from home.

On to the readings this week. I looked at the Digital Tattoo, Seth’s Blog, and Evan Ratliff. Digital Tattoo led me to pipl.com where I looked myself up. I don’t really have a trail there. It knows I have lived in Accomac and Mechanicsville but says I’m 27 (I look pretty good for that, right?). So, partially inspired by Heather’s post for the week, I also googled myself. On the seventh page, I finally found myself. There was a link to my 299 final paper and a piece from my local paper about being all-academic all district and honorable mention team in field hockey. So my digital footprint is pretty small compared to others. Seth’s Blog sounded like what my high school guidance counselors drilled into our heads…don’t put pictures of illegal activities on facebook. My facebook is pretty bare bones anyway, so I don’t have that problem. Ratliff was an interesting read because he mentions the digital footprint we don’t always think about…toll booths. Unless I’m watching Law & Order SVU, and they use toll tracking to get a suspect, I don’t actually think of it as applying to my own life. But I know I’ve used Easy Pass before and they log all that stuff. I also use my debit card a lot, have a phone that can be found from pinging on cell towers and all other kinds of devices, not just the internet personal pages. After reading Ratliff’s piece, it’s almost as though there is a cause for paranoia that you could be located almost anywhere by sophisticated computer hackers. Or maybe I’ve just watched too much Law and Order.

2 Responses to “Time to Celebrate…temporarily”

  1. Michelle says:

    Way to go on the transcriptions! I know you worked really hard on them.

    I googled myself, too. Nothing exciting. I was nowhere to be found, which I’m kind of offended by. I guess I need to start producing some decent work and putting it on the internet. I think I will start with this project, which I am already very proud of.

  2. ricard says:

    Congrats on getting the last transcription done! Yeah I googled myself too but I found myself on the first page. There were links to the Leo Club where I got a scholarship in high school and Facebook of course, but then there was weird census information too! I guess I need to make my footprint a little smaller because I could definately be found….Im the only Rachel Icard in the US and Canada!

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