18 MarDigital Portfolio, other thoughts

Well, let me start off by saying I have spent hours on my digital portfolio and I’m still not completely satisfied. Yes, there’s content, a very short resume type thing, and I think I’ve highlighted the finer aspects of myself, but it’s too static. I like dynamic, action packed, like maybe an explosion sound when you press a button kind of fun? But to some, that comes off as unprofessional. I worked very hard to restrain myself, as digital laughing through typing (hahaha) doesn’t tend to convey exactly what it may in person. I also debated listing the impressions I can do (many influenced by Saturday Night Live, a la Kristen Wiig)…maybe one day I’ll be REALLY adventurous, put them on youtube and tweet the link to all the SNL stars I follow and Lorne Michaels. (If you are interested in my original skits and impressions, the ‘george voice’ and ‘aunt martha voice’ I can do really well on command).

I was SO happy the Dr. Bryan Alexander was so nice and happy. I was expecting a suit, with a mean condescending attitude that would make me run out of the room crying. (ok, a little dramatic) Anyway, I was just glad he was loving on everybody’s projects, not just ours. It is really remarkable how far we’ve come and how much work has been completed. I am looking into audio hosting now, we should be able to do it through soundcloud but after Dr. Alexander’s suggestion of podcasters, I’m trying to determine the better option. Oh, and I will start/continue editing the transcripts. Also, I’m continuing work on my digital portfolio, so it’s definitely still a work in progress.


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  1. seye says:

    YOUR DIGITAL PORTFOLIO IS AWESOME. . .miss smarty pants. Sorry about no John Carter. . . I was sick.

  2. I totally know what you mean about the digital portfolio. It’s not easy to “sell” yourself online without being afraid of sounding too stuffy or unprofessional.

    I think I quickly mentioned this in class, but in my research of UMW Buildings in the UMW Digital Archives I found a lot of photos of James Farmer. Here’s the link to the James Farmer Collection: http://archive.umw.edu:8080/vital/access/manager/Collection/umw:1012. And here’s the link to the main Centennial Image Collection (which also has James Farmer photos): http://archive.umw.edu:8080/vital/access/manager/Collection/umw:2.

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