24 MarWeekend Update with Kelsey

Yes, I tried to play my title off SNL and when I typed it, I heard Don Pardo’s voice announcing it. Things are coming together remarkably well. I am still so stoked about getting our podcast into iTunes U and am so thankful that Tim Owens really knows what he is doing. I also am really happy to say that I have been editing my transcripts, and that is going a lot better than I expected. When I was transcribing, it could take up to about 3 hours for me to finish one transcript. Now, editing, it takes under an hour, which is definitely exciting.

I am also really excited about learning how to make a website because the family I stayed with in Rhode Island, (I call them my second family) has been working hard to start up a fund in memory of their daughter, Cassie. The fund is called the Rainbow Fund, and currently has a facebook page  (Check it out!).  Cindy is just starting to get her feet wet with technology and when I spoke to her yesterday, she really wanted to set up a website for the Rainbow Fund. Of course, I now know how to do that! So when I go up there for the race (May 5th, with food and drinks and lots of fun if anyone else wants to come, I’m taking Amtrak) I will be showing her the basics of setting up a website! Yay!

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  1. Laura says:

    That’s really thoughtful of you, creating that website! Now that you have WordPress down I’m sure you can get creative with other hosts and servers as well. As for our video editing skills… maybe for another day 🙂

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