30 MarProject Update

So since the transcripts are basically finished, I am now working on tags and have selected clips that I picked out (and Caitlin and Michelle have clipped). I’ve also volunteered to figure out the sequence of the short trailer. I am also really excited about how everything is coming together. I am also considering putting together a map to trace the places that Jim Farmer talks about. There are so many different places, and I thought the map may be a good visual for our presentations, so that the audience can see where Farmer was involved. I will also probably design a flyer/business card. Other than that, I think things are pretty much moving forward, at this point we’re doing supplemental stuff. This has probably been the most straightforward update I’ve ever written. So for something exciting, head on over to hulu and search ‘target lady snl’ enjoy and thank me later!

One Response to “Project Update”

  1. amodernselkie says:

    I feel like our group has done a really good job a staying on task and getting stuff done. Also, you’ve done some really amazing work with the transcripts! You deserve major kudos for all that work. 🙂

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