16 AprUpdate-Almost Done

So I have definitely been putting finishing touches on things. A transcript disaster was avoided when I realized that the videos just had different starting points (like mid-lecture or with introductions) than the audio. So I re-edited transcripts for video only. I also have completed several flyers, made a google map (not as hard as Sarah made it sound, but then again my locations were probably a little easier), and I am thinking about making a generic letter or email to send out to important people to help promote our website. This morning, we met and took a picture by the James Farmer bust (which I was disappointed about the fact it was so dirty…I may have gotten rid of a lot of the cobwebs but it had lots of weird things ¬†growing on it). We are also ready for the presentation tomorrow and just keep making minor adjustments/finishing touches. Laura, Caitlin and Michelle have all done fantastic work all semester, and I think our project has really come out better than any of us could have planned for.

One Response to “Update-Almost Done”

  1. Heather Thompson says:

    You guys really have made an impressive project! I enjoyed your presentation on Tuesday and still look forward to seeing the final product. Four days to go!

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