As I’m sitting here working on a Spanish paper, I sure am glad that James Farmer spoke English for all those transcripts. Also, I worked really hard on keeping my enthusiasm to a minimum for the presentation. I thought ours went really smoothly; we kept within the time and no one rambled on and on (although if someone had, it would have been me, but I was on my best behavior). I was really excited when enthusiasm came up as a criteria. Yes, I am an enthusiastic person, but I’m also enthusiastic for EVERYONE, and most of you will have noticed this if I commented on any of your posts. If I was to take a mellow approach, I would not be able to really dive into the project and be fully involved; that’s just the way I am. This week, I mainly looked over stuff, we took a group picture, presented, more fliers, invitations to the symposium, brainstorming. OH! and I made a twitter. Sarah, I did not steal this from your group, although I was inspired to create one even more so after seeing the positive response Ryan got! Follow us at @jamesfarmerlect.

Finally, I’d like to give an enormous shout-out to my wonderful group mates, for putting up with my late night craziness, my overwhelming personality, and patience! Thanks! PS-Today in class Caitlin mentioned creating a short version trailer for the symposium, since a 3 minute one would be too long. Dr. McClurken said it wasn’t necessary to do the extra work. Well, when we got in the digital media lab, Caitlin went straight to work! She made it look so easy to shorten a trailer, making a one minute trailer flow together amazingly well. I’m jealous of her skills.


  1. amodernselkie says:

    You are awesome, Kelsey! I am so amazed by the amount of effort you put into the transcripts. I would not have been able to do that (certainly not happily, anyway). Also, I am glad the shortened trailer works! 🙂

  2. kmatthews says:

    Ryan, done! and hahah, Sarah you are ridiculous! Your site really has come together so well too! I’m so excited both of us have awesome A+ websites!

  3. seye says:

    Can you imagine if he spoke in Spanish? Hola, me llamo James Farmer. Okay, so I suck at Spanish. But I am glad that you have a twitter like us cool kids. Your website looks absolutely fantastic. You guys have put a ton of work into it and it really shows. A+ from me (which is the only opinion that matters)!

  4. rmont says:

    @VAHistoricMarkers is your 3rd follow and expects a follow back!

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