25 AprFinal Reflection

This feels slightly weird to already be writing about the end when it feels as though we just started. I am very pleased with our completed project. The processes we went through and all the work we put in paid off tremendously, as our website has become a resource for James Farmer and the Civil Rights movement.

In reference to the contract, my group was able to finish everything as contracted. I made a few minor adjustments to the transcripts after the date they were supposed to be finalized, such as small grammatical errors and a few spelling errors here and there. Also, after the video/audio fiasco, I made transcripts for the videos later than when I was supposed to because I had assumed that the audio and video were the same. I also uploaded all the audio to the site, and, with the help of Tim Owens, managed to get the audio as podcasts in iTunes U. My other contributions were not contractually listed, but I made a map, fliers, proofread, brainstormed ideas for the website and trailer, and helping to set up meetings.  The map links directly to the lectures that the locations are mentioned in as well as giving a brief description of Farmer’s activities while in that location. The fliers attempt to put the viewer as the decision maker and in situations that Farmer faced during the Civil Rights Movement.

Caitlin, Laura, and Michelle have been the best group members. I had never met any of them before this class and surprisingly, we all got along through the whole process. We did not fight about a single aspect of anything, but instead would suggest ways for the other members to improve. Caitlin is a video guru, and she has done remarkable work, stripping audio, making a trailer, designed graphics for the flier, and helping us with any technological problems. Laura did a fantastic job designing the website. I know she put a lot of time into making everything really work well together. Michelle uploaded video and wrote a lot of the sections for the website, including helping me proofread. They put up with my sometimes overextended enthusiasm and my horrible jokes.

The trailer was a secondary goal, and because of a rocky start, Caitlin was not able to finish it on the day it was contracted to be finished. However, the excellent quality of her finished product should be taken into consideration, as had she rushed to finish on time, the trailer would not be as great as it is.

While we may not have met the contract in minor ways, such as having to correct one spelling error in thousands of words of transcripts, I believe this project is very strong. My group members were enthusiastic and always willing to help with anything.  When we wrote the contract, we had no idea what course the project would take. At the time, we were considering re-digitization. Seeing the completed project and knowing people already admire it speaks to the quality of our work, even if we had to tweak the contract in minor ways after it was written.

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  1. I think you guys have an AWESOME site and it’s quite obvious that it took LOTS of hard work and it really just looks fantastic!!!! 😀

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